Every time we unfold the newspaper or tune into the evening news, some news story related to Islam captures our attention.  Reports of radical Islamic activity fuel public fear and resentment toward Muslims, whether or not they are extremists.  Many Christians have even resigned to the fallacy that the world’s fastest growing religion cannot be overcome.  But what if we stopped to see Muslims from the Savior’s perspective rather than the media’s?  Would compassion triumph over condemnation?  What if we could eternally impact the world’s largest Muslim population by the power of the Gospel?

To eternally impact Indonesia by the power of the Gospel is the ministry to which we have been called.  With over 240 million people and nearly 90% of the population having embraced Islam, Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation.  Compassion moves us to proclaim the Gospel of salvation to Indonesians.  Conviction guides us to plant Independent Baptist churches throughout the nation.  The Great Commission directs us to produce disciples who are prepared to serve the Lord in like fashion.

Will you prayerfully consider sharing our vision of reaching Indonesia for Christ and partnering with us to accomplish this goal?


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