Get to Know the Kelley's

Birthday: May 3

Likes the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sherlock Holmes, and The Chronicles of Narnia.  He enjoys playing the violin, as well as the mandolin.

Birthday: Mar 6
Has a heart for teaching any age group.  She thoroughly enjoys writing, whenever given the opportunity, and designs much of her own homeschooling curriculum. She loves hats, flowers, British classics, and anything blue.

Birthday: Jun 20, 2011

Enjoys making new friends, playing dress-up, cooking, decorating, and creating art projects of any kind.

Birthday: Dec 30, 2012
Loves music, horses, and anything purple.  She enjoys ministering to people’s hearts, and making everyone smile and laugh.

Birthday: May 21, 2014
Is a little more shy about meeting new faces, but likes helping Mommy, and loves a good laugh.  She delights in animals, books, puzzles, flash cards, and “hidden pictures”.

Birthday: Aug 21, 2015
Loves cats, dogs, rabbits, and butterflies, enjoys “snack time”, and takes good care of her dolls and stuffed animals.

Brandon & Kristen both believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as young children. Brandon was born and raised in Virginia, while Kristen grew up in several states, due to her father’s service in the Navy. During their high school years, God began leading them individually to be missionaries, and directed them to attend Crown College of the Bible. They met each other while working on campus and attending the World Evangelism Prayer Meetings held there.

Following her graduation in 2008, Kristen began teaching in a Christian school in Georgia, and Brandon attended Crown College’s division in England for a semester. Brandon graduated with a missions degree in 2010, and he and Kristen were married a month later. They now have four little girls – Brooklyn, Jacqueline, Cheyenne, and Charlotte – and one little boy in Heaven with the Lord.

During their years of marriage, God has continued to prepare and equip them for the work He has called them to do. They have had numerous opportunities to serve in their local church, involving themselves in such ministries as choir, special music, nursery, children’s church, youth group meetings, teen visitation, and Sunday school. Brandon and Kristen Kelley are excited to encourage pastors and church congregations while on deputation, and to serve the Lord in the country of Indonesia!


Phone: 865.314.9189


Sending Church:
Peoples Baptist Church
Pastor Richard Forsythe
3523 Spotswood Trail
Penn Laird, VA 22846

Mission Agency
Baptist International Missions Inc.
P O Box 9
Harrison, TN 37341

Missionary #1591
(Simply note missionary number with any gifts & offerings sent to BIMI)

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